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About Hampton Court
Hampton Court Holdings is holding company of CB1S headquarter in Shanghai serving multiple industries including education, property, technology, telecommunications, beauty, spa, travel, hospitality, leisure, home entertainment and natural resources through financing and advisory services. The company's main service includes venture capital, private equity, Initial public offering, project advisory, project financing, infrastructure financing and private banking. The company's combined operations include more than 300 employees in offices throughout North America, South America, South East Asia and China.

About CBIS
CB1S Events has a long track record in hosting the premier China investment events in over 40 countries. CBIS organize and design the highly successful International China Investment Forum now approaching its tenth year. In 2004, he was responsible for launching the China Investment Forum in Greece; in 2004 launched in Malaysia with 100 listed company Chairman attended and in 2006 in Cyprus where the event was officiated by Ambassador of China to Cyprus, a Presidential delegation to China. In 2008, ICIF Mexico was organize in three cities concurrently, namely Leon, Irapuato and Monterrey.



About Delmar

Delmar Ugarte abogadosis a Law Firm with an in-depth knowledge of the Peruvian legislation and significant cross border expertise that enhances its ability to offer effective legal advice at a domestic and international level.