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How to Outsmart China

Book Description

How to Outsmart China – The Complete Guide to Successful Business in China (2nd editions) unveils to you the Real China Opportunities that No other “China Guide” talks about. The books sold over 100,000 copies reported by China Daily.


Inside this book:

6 Reasons to go China

22 Businesses you can do in China

5 Easy Steps to setup your Business

10 cities hand picked for you to start

How to deal with Chinese from different cities

How to sell to China

Bonus: China Map, Phone Directories

Bonus: China History, Learn Chinese Phrase Cheat sheet


Product Details


Paperback:     350 pages (Full color)

Publisher:     Hampton Court Holding LLC

Language:      English

Edition:          Second Edition (updated 2010)

ISBN-10:           983-43537-0-4

ISBN-13:       978-983-43537-0-4

Product Dimensions: 5.5 X 7.9 X 1 inches




Table of Content


Part 1: Should I Go?


6 Reasons to Go China

Chinese History in a Nutshell

The Whole Picture

Chinavs. Other Countries

Bonus: China’s Top 100 Companies


Part 2: Where to Begin?

Research, Contacts, Visit, Guanxi

10 Best Cities to Do Business in China

Bonus: Learn Chinese in 23 Minutes


Part 3: What Business Can I Do?

22 Industries and Opportunities

Doing Business with China


Part 4: How to Set up in China?

Representative Office

Chinese Subsidiary

Joint Venture: Good Idea?

Wholly Foreign-owned Enterprise

Bonus: Application Procedure WFOE


Part 5: How to Deal with the Chinese?

The Least You Should Know

5 Elements of Chinese Negotiation

Bonus: Dealing with the Chinese from Different Cities


Part 6: How to Sell to China?

Marketing to Chinese Consumers

6 Ways of Selling Your Products and Services in China


Conclusion & Useful Information

Closing Notes

Useful Contacts

Chinese Cities & Provinces



 “A good book recommended to all who wish to learn and work in China.” – Dicky Yip, Executive Vice President, Bank of Communications (China)


“An excellent book for reading and a short cut guide for others to acquire wealth.” -Dr. Ahmed Iskanderani, Director, Islamic Development Bank (Saudi Arabia)


 “Marcus explains, in a way that is easy to understand, remember and act on, the often subtly-nuanced distinctions between business practices and customs in the different Chinese provinces.” -Dr. William L. Berry, Professor of Management, Queens University of Charlotte (United State of America)


“An essential read to understanding the complexities of the Chinese business world….Excellent!” - Chihon Ley, Adolfo Ibanez University (Chile)


“An inspiring story of ambition and dedication.” -Nor Coquilard, President, Cargill Investments (China)


“A fruitful book for anyone interested in doing real business in China?” – Giuliano Noci, Deputy Director, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)


“This book is an inspiring account of what grit, determination and passion do to success in life. A must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur.” -Professor Chan Yoke Kai, President and CEO, AEC Edu Group (Singapore)


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