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Learn Chinese in 23 minutes

Book Description

Learn Chinese in 23 Minutes is the 1st Pocket size Chinese phrase book in full color illustration. It is a great pocket book for those who are planning to visit China and those who wish to learn Chinese quickly. Its simple and straight forward contents enable you to learn Chinese easily!


Product Details


Paperback:      110 pages

Publisher:       Hampton Court Holding LLC

Edition:         Second Edition (2010)

Language:       English & Chinese

ISBN-10:         983-43537-3-5

ISBN-13:        978-983-43537-3-5

Dimensions:   4 X 5.6 X 0.5 inches



“Learn Chinese in 23 Minutes” features and benefits include:


88 full color pages

A small pocket book ideal for visitor to carry around, make room for your luggage and light.

Full color makes it easy for reading and easy to search compare to black and white printing.


easy to learn

You can finish the board before your plane is landed. Each Dialogue box composes of English, Pronunciation and Chinese. For Example: Eat/Chi/吃. 


200 most useful Chinese words for visitors

Most widely use Chinese words! These words are carefully selected after survey. Since there are thousands of Chinese words for you to learn, this book save your time and trouble by selecting the most widely use words for you during your stay.


fun to read

Who say learning Chinese is boring? Do you want to learn Chinese with all text or with colorful and fun drawing as illustrations? For example, in Minute 19 you will learn about “Shopping” illustrated with all kind of goods you can think of! This helps you to memorize the words easily.


100 daily Chinese phrases

Includes: How are you? You are so beautiful. How much? Good Morning. Where you want to go? My name is John. What you want to do? My hobby is horse ridding. May I ask? Please bring me to this address. Where is the toilet? This pocket book is like your survival guide. You can order food, hired a taxi, flirt in the bar, go to a business meeting with it. 



Chinamap, Shanghai & Beijing city map, 1 page Cheat Sheet! Are you in a hurry? If yes, this 1 page Cheat Sheet with 11 Chinese words will help you to survive in a room where there is only Chinese People! For example, you can learn the word “Yes” and be a Mr. Yes Man or Ms Yes for the rest of your journey!


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